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Bed Bug Information in Brick, NJ

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Frequently Asked Bed Bug Questions

What should I do to prepare for my Bedbug service?
When removing/moving items, BAG THEM to prevent spreading any bed bugs.
Keep sleeping in the same rooms. Changing rooms will spread the bedbugs.
Remove all clutter from the floor and under the bed, including clothes, bags, etc. We can treat many items, such as luggage or other non-washable items. We don’t, however, provide laundry services.
Remove all bedding/clothing/curtains/blankets/pillows and seal in a plastic bag. Wash/dry at high temperature.
Vacuum all floors. Pay extra attention to the areas around and under beds.
Move furniture and other items away from the walls, wherever possible.
Shoes should be heat or spray treated.
Severely infested mattresses and furniture (such as couches) may need to be disposed of, or you can purchase covers for them. We are usually able to treat and save most items.


All too often homes and hospitality businesses suffer from the infestation that wrecks your sleep- the invasion insect we call Bed bugs.
Bed bugs are small reddish or brown insects, shaped like wingless flat ovals. Adults can grow to be between ¼ inch and 3/8 inch, the size of an apple seed. Bed bugs live off of human blood, and are nocturnal so detection comes often only after an uncomfortable encounter. They also reproduce quickly, females lay up to 5 eggs a day reaching a total of 500 in a lifetime! This means they will not just go away, and even worse can live over 300 days in appropriate room temperatures with a constant supply of food.
Where do the Bedbugs come from?
You can get them from movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, airlines, neighbors, etc. They spread easily. Their eggs are extremely small and stick to surfaces, including your clothes.
What else should I know about Bedbugs?
Bedbugs nest in mattress seams, box springs, and other places near the bed. However we have seen them nesting in light fixtures, electrical outlets, laptop computers, under desks, in carpet, and other random places.
Bedbugs consume blood and can live over a year without feeding, but typically feed every 5-10 days.
Bedbugs are mostly active at night and hide during the day.
Bedbugs typically live for 1 year, though life spans vary.
Bedbugs normally nest near their food source (you).
Bedbugs can nest in small cracks and crevices, including in picture frames, mattress seams, etc.
Bedbugs lay their eggs in secluded areas, laying up to 5 a day and up to 500 in their lifetime.
Freshly hatched bedbugs are about the size of a pinhead.
Bedbug eggs typically hatch within 10 days.

Meet Giada

Dynamic Dog Bed Bug Information

Giada is our Certified Bedbug Detection Dog. She is a 3 year old pitbull which was rescued. She came to us simply as a family pet but quickly transformed into a business asset. Bedbug detection came naturally to her. Giada trained with Hanlon’s K9 for 6 months. After which, she became a certified bedbug detection dog. She goes with her handler to bedbug jobs and helps him locate bedbugs. She has constant ongoing training to keep her on her toes. Giada also brings smiles to people’s homes. She’s a big hit with kids and has been known to help people with their fear of dogs.

Bedbug infestations are best left to professional pest control companies. Our technicians are specifically trained to find the most effective means of ridding your home or business from bedbugs. The services we offer are heat treatments, chemical treatments, and certified canine bedbug detection.


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