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Black Widow, House, Wolf & Brown Recluse Spider Control

Did you know that the fall season is when many spiders become most active? This is when some species are looking for a mate, so you may notice you spot them more during this time of the year. They are also seeking refuge from the dropping temperatures that come with fall and winter. Dynamic Pest Control is here to talk about common spiders you might find this fall and how to control them.

Getting Rid of House Spiders

These spiders are not a threat to humans, but more of a nuisance than anything. House spiders are constantly building and abandoning webs all over your home. They are usually a yellowish brown color with darker chevron markings on their abdomen.

Black Widow Spider Control Extermination

This spider poses a threat to humans, as they are venomous. Black widow spiders aren’t an aggressive spider though and will often leave you alone if they don’t feel threatened. They are black with a red hourglass marking on the underside of their abdomen. Their venom paralyzes their prey by affecting their nervous system and can cause severe pain for humans if you find yourself bit by this spider.

Wolf Spider Control in House

The wolf spider is a large furry spider that can look quite intimidating. They are actually a harmless spider even though they don’t look like it. This spider doesn’t build webs, but rather lives in burrows. Wolf spiders usually live in areas that are very hard to get to. They are very quick in order to catch their prey. Wolf spiders are usually dark brown with lighter stripes and other marks on their large bodies.

Brown Recluse Spider Repellent

These spiders will avoid human contact, hence the name “recluse.” Brown recluse spiders are venomous and will bite if they feel threatened for any reason. The brown recluse is brown with a dark violin shaped marking on their back. Their bite can be rather nasty and leave you with a painful ulcerated sore that will more than likely leave a large scar.

Are Spiders Beneficial?

When spiders live outside, they can be very beneficial. They help keep the insect population down as this is their food source. Because they eat pests that often are able to spread diseases such as flies and cockroaches, you shouldn’t be in a hurry to eliminate their population outside. When you have a spider infestation in your home however, you want to keep them under control. Their messy webs can be a nuisance, along with the risk that they will bite you if they feel threatened.

Spider Prevention

To keep down the spider population in your home you should:
1. Keep landscaping trimmed away from your house.
2. Store firewood outside and away from your house.
3. Seal any holes and cracks in foundation and siding.
4. Fix screens that have holes or tears.
5. Have your home treated by a pest control company for spiders and other insects.

Spider Control

If you find that you have a spider infestation in your home, Dynamic Pest Control can help. We will eliminate your spider problem this fall. Call us today!


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