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Prevent Termites From Destroying Your Home

Termites are incredibly destructive creatures that can cause billions of dollars of damage in the US each year. This article will show how to prevent termites from destroying your home. Control Dampness to Prevent Termites Termites love damp environments. If you gain nothing else from this article, it should be this core-concept. Termites Love Damp […]

Bed Bug Prevention This Holiday Season

As the year enters its last quarter, many of us become excited to see family and friends. The holiday season is now upon us. It’s the time of year our kids come home from school, and family comes together to celebrate. However, with our visiting travelers, we face the possibility of bed bugs entering into […]

How to Get Rid of Creepy Pests (Spiders, Bats, Rodents)

The holiday season starts off in the fall with a celebration that is fun and creepy all together. Halloween is known for many things such as ghosts, goblins and creepy pests too! The pests play a huge role in the Halloween night festivities. There are some pests that are symbols of Halloween and the scary […]

Types of Physical Damage Rodents Cause in New Jersey

If you are looking around your home and notice the damage rodents cause, you need to get them exterminated as soon as possible before it gets worse. Most people know some of the signs that mice or rats are in the house such as chewed through boxes and packages of food. You may also hear […]

Springtail Infestation Solutions – Pest Inspections & Moisture Control

When you hear the word springtail, it sounds like it might be a small animal you would find in the forest. They are actually tiny, wingless, moisture-loving insects that seek dampness indoors and out. Springtails are one of the most common insects in the environment, even though they can be inconspicuous and often overlooked. Extremely […]

Black Widow, House, Wolf & Brown Recluse Spider Control

Did you know that the fall season is when many spiders become most active? This is when some species are looking for a mate, so you may notice you spot them more during this time of the year. They are also seeking refuge from the dropping temperatures that come with fall and winter. Dynamic Pest […]

Tips for Pest Prevention and Control

There are a lot of misunderstood people out there when it comes to pest prevention and how the professionals combat your pests. Dynamic Pest Control wants to talk about four basic ideas that can help every home and business owner battle their pests and to clarify how the pest prevention and control service can be […]

How Do Mice Come in Your House?

The weather is starting to cool off and when the weather changes so does the types of pests that you will find infesting your home. The fall weather brings some great things such as changing leaves, cooler temperatures and the holiday season. Some of the bad things that come with the change is the fact […]

Facts & Myths About Cockroaches

A cockroach is interesting in the fact that there are many species found all over the world and they come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Some can fly while others don’t even have wings. They are a pest that you can find most commonly during the summer months and the early fall. Cockroaches are […]

How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attic & Home

Squirrels can be a very imposing house guest. If they have any way to gain entrance into your attic, they will never refuse. Your attic makes the perfect place to settle down and build a nest. It provides them shelter and warmth. You often don’t know you have a problem until you can hear them […]


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