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Facts & Myths About Cockroaches

A cockroach is interesting in the fact that there are many species found all over the world and they come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Some can fly while others don’t even have wings. They are a pest that you can find most commonly during the summer months and the early fall. Cockroaches are known to invade near garbage cans, garages and even in your home if there is food to be found. Most people know that cockroaches are not fun to have around but there is a lot more to them that you probably never knew.

Some Facts and Myths About Cockroaches

Can a Cockroach Live Without A Head?: This is not a myth or an old wives tale told to scare kids. It is the truth! A cockroach can live for several weeks without their head because they don’t have a standard way of breathing. They have tiny holes in their body that they use to breath. They have a very regular and simple circulation system and that makes it easy to live without a head. They are not able to eat without one so they will eventually die from starvation.
Are Cockroaches Fast Runners?: A cockroach is fast; especially for their small size. If they were the size of a full grown human being, their speed would be closer to 200 miles per hour as opposed to the average six miles an hour. They also have fast and flexible legs. Because they are in the insect family, they have six legs. They are able to change course and move fast which makes them hard to catch and squash.
Cockroaches Have A Great Memory: You may not think that a simple insect like a cockroach would have any use for memory or that they would remember anything but that is not true. Studies on cockroaches have shown that a cockroach was able to associate a particular smell with their favorite meal; sweets! Even though a treat was not offered, the cockroach was seen drooling to indicate they wanted what they associated with that particular smell.
Do People Really Eat Cockroaches?: In America, we don’t eat cockroaches or really any other pest unless it is on a dare. But that doesn’t mean they are not eaten in other cultures. Roaches are even considered a delicacy and are packed with protein. They can be cooked and served in many different ways such as sautéed, boiled or even fried. They can be flavored with many kinds of spices and enjoyed along with any meal.

Cockroach Control

As interesting as these facts and myths about cockroaches are, Dynamic Pest Control offers quality pest control services to treat for cockroaches and other pests. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.


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