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How to Get Rid of Squirrels in Your Attic & Home

Squirrels can be a very imposing house guest. If they have any way to gain entrance into your attic, they will never refuse. Your attic makes the perfect place to settle down and build a nest. It provides them shelter and warmth. You often don’t know you have a problem until you can hear them scurrying about up there. Unfortunately, even though these wildlife pests are adorable from afar, they can cause some serious damage to your property if the problem isn’t taken care of. Dynamic Pest Control is here to talk about the risks involved with squirrels in your attic and how to prevent them from making a home in your attic.

Signs of Squirrels in Your Attic

The biggest indication of a squirrel problem in your home, is the sound of them working to build their nests. You will be able to hear them scampering around up there. If they are in your attic for too long, they will start to smell. It is important to get the problem under control before their smell fills your home.

Dangers & Health Risks Involved with Squirrels in Your Attic

The biggest risk posed by a squirrel infestation in your attic is actually fire. They are naturally drawn chewing on wires and wood and when wires are chewed on by rodents, they become a huge fire risk. Aside from posing a safety risk to your home, they carry many diseases. Some of the diseases squirrels are known to carry include: salmonella, tularemia, and leptospirosis. Squirrels also carry ticks that are carriers of Lyme Disease that can be very dangerous to humans.

Removal of Squirrels in Attic

There are some preventative measures that can be taken to avoid squirrel infestations in your home. Those include:
1. Trim Trees– It is important that your trees are trimmed so they are at least 6 feet away from your home. When trees are touching or too close to your home, they can jump onto your house to look for entry points.
2. Check for Entry Points– You would be surprised at how small a squirrel can be under all of that fur. It doesn’t take a large hole or opening for a squirrel to squeeze through and gain access into your home. Have all entry points repaired.
3. Clean Up– Squirrels are attracted to your trash. Keep your trash in a receptacle that has a tight lid on it to keep squirrels away.
4. Install Screens– Your home may have vents that keep air circulating in and out of your attic. It is wise to install heavy duty screens behind these vents so squirrels and other rodents can’t gain access into your home.

Squirrel Removal

If you are hearing suspicious sounds or smells coming from your attic, it may be time to call a professional. Dynamic Pest Control offers squirrel removal to keep your attic free from this invasive pest. Don’t let your squirrel problem get out of control before you have the problem eradicated. Call today!


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