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How to Prevent Ground Wasp

The term “ground wasps” refers to a broad category made up of a large number of different species. The most commonly encountered of the species includes yellow jackets, cicada killer wasps, and digger wasps, to name a few. The species find themselves lumped together under one umbrella due to the unique behavioral trait ground wasps all share~ underground nest construction.

The Good, The Bad (The worse…)

A blessing and a curse, while ground wasps have the potential to be beneficial garden guests via pollination and pest control, they can also be harmful depending on their species. Some specifics of ground wasps~ yellow jackets in particular are easily antagonized, defensive, and infamously aggressive. Come one come all? ~ Wasp venom released in attack mode, contains a pheromone that works as a backup call to other wasps. One wasp sting is bad. Lots of wasp stings are worse. This is especially true if you, like many, are allergic to their venom.

Prevention is key

It is significantly easier to prevent ground wasps than it is to try and terminate them once they’ve cozied in (less painful too!). The most effective way to keep ground wasps out of your yard, is by making your yard less attractive via proper food disposable, trash/compost concealment, and through the removal of any floral scents/patterns that would make your space more appealing to these sweet toothed insects.

Prevention of ground wasps is not only focused on removal, but also on the addition of wasp repelling plants. While heavily perfumed, sweetly scented plants will attract wasps, other plants will deter them. Strongly scented plants such as citronella, eucalyptus, and herbs such as spearmint and thyme are effective wasp prevention plants that double as diverse, aromatic backyard additions.
Another proven method of prevention is lawn maintenance. Attracted to loose soil ideal for nest construction, densely planted lawns (thick grass, ground cover) with a high moisture content for firmly packed soil will make wasps unable to burrow and build their nests. Where a wasp cannot effectively nest, they will not stay.

When all prevention methods fail, and ground wasps must be terminated from the property, the safest and most sure-fire solution for removal is through the services of professional pest control specialists (that’s us!). Trying to get rid of wasps is a risky endeavor with the potential for painful stings, and dangerous allergic reactions. One must also consider the difficulty of nest removal. Ground wasps’ nests are deep beneath the dirt making them challenging to destroy~ especially without sacrificing your yard in the process. Where prevention fails, Dynamic Pest prospers. Our team of pest control specialists will not only develop a customized plan for removing the pests invading your yard but will also create long-term solutions that will help keep your garden (unwanted) guests free.


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