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Mosquitoes, Bees and Wasps Pest Control

Summer is such a great time to spend time outdoors enjoying everything that nature has to offer. Too bad mosquitoes, bees, and wasps, the winged monkeys of the summer world seem like they are always there and ready to ruin a great summer day. Most people want to be able to enjoy their yards, without worrying about stings from wasps or bees or itchy mosquito bites. Perhaps even more important, mosquitoes are well-known vectors for a wide-range of diseases for people and for pets, making it even more important to avoid mosquito bites whenever possible.

Of course, by now you probably already know that it is not really responsible to take a one-size-fits-all approach to getting rid of flying pests. While mosquitoes and wasps are truly dangerous nuisance animals, bees are critical pollinators that play a major role in our food supply. In addition, bees are threatened. The proper protocol to deal with most varieties of bees is to locate their nests and remove them to an area that is safer for the bees and for human and pet populations. In contrast, wasps and mosquitoes are generally exterminated rather than being relocated.

While wasps can also be pollinators, they do not serve the same function as bees. In addition, while bees are known to primarily sting in self-defense and to have milder stings (except for those with bee allergies), wasps are properly characterized as very aggressive animals. They can attack without warning, and because they release a pheromone that encourages other wasps to attack when they do sting, many wasp attacks result in multiple stings, which can be a health risk for people, even those without wasp allergies.

With dangerous pests, it is important to realize that pest-control needs to take a multi-pronged approach. Bees, wasps, and especially mosquitoes have short life spans and reproduce rapidly, which is why short-term products such as the backyard foggers you find in hardware stores may only provide extremely temporary relief. Instead, pest control approaches need to be long term; not just killing or removing the pests that are currently invading your yard, but also eliminating breeding spots and creating long-term solutions that will help keep your yard free from flying pests for the entire summer.

Dynamic Pest Control prides itself on taking an individualized approach to pest control, which not only considers the size of your yard, but also its conditions, to determine the appropriate pest control solution for you.


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