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When ants invade our dwellings they become a problem for whoever resides there or visits the premises. Jersey Shore homes and businesses supply everything ants need to survive – food, water and shelter. It’s no wonder foraging ants are attracted to the places we live and work. And once they find this ideal environment, they leave pheromones for other ants to follow.

Once ants invade your home or business, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them. Ants typically live underground or in the walls of buildings. If you see a few ants running along your kitchen counter or along the bathtub, know that you are most likely seeing foraging ants; and that there any many worker ants hidden out of sight.

Ants have an innate ability to fit through tiny cracks and crevices. This, as well as their large colony numbers and their hidden nest sites make ant control difficult. In fact, do-it-yourself attempts at ant control can actually make ant infestations worse!

Home or garden pesticides often cause ant colonies to split from their known nest into multiple hidden colonies. Dynamic Pest Control understands that to effectively remove ants, the entire colony must be exterminated. Our professional pest control experts have the experience, knowledge and expertise needed to successfully exterminate ant infestations in Jersey Shore homes and businesses throughout Brick, Lakewood, & Toms River and many more.

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