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Cockroach Control New Jersey

Cockroach Control in Brick, Lakewood and Toms River NJ

Cockroaches, like most pests look for shelter, food and water. Unfortunately, Jersey Shore homes and businesses are prime real estate for roaches. Our buildings provide the food, warmth and moisture roaches seek. There are many different species of cockroaches found in Jersey Shore including Oriental, American and German roaches.

They are mainly active at night which makes cockroach control difficult. Cockroach infestations most often begin when they are unknowingly bought into a home or building via a paper bags or cardboard box for example. Poor sanitation such as leaving crumbs on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink makes cockroach infestations worse.

Cockroaches are filthy insects and a major source of food contamination that can lead to food poisoning. They can also aggravate allergies in some people. If you see even one cockroach when turning on a light or hear a couple scurrying around, you can be sure there are many more hidden from sight.

While improving sanitation helps a lot, if you live around the area of Brick, Lakewood and Toms River NJ you should beĀ hiring a professional pest control company like Dynamic Pest Control’s Cockroach Control is highly recommended to ensure cockroaches are successfully eliminated.

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