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Real Estate Inspections

Whether your needs are residential or commercial, our staff of certified technicians will give your property a thorough, honest inspection. They are also equipped to provide you with FHA/VA/Conventional reports for real estate transactions, allowing youvan Services to do business with peace of mind.

Pest Plans – Residential

Pest control plans for residential dwellings can range from one-time evaluations to yearly or seasonal plans. With a one-time plan, a certified technician will evaluate your property and dwelling, assess any potential pest problems, and if necessary customize a treatment plan designed to suit your needs.

For enhanced peace of mind, ask us about our seasonal and yearly pest control plans. Designed to target problematic times of year, these regular visits can both control recurring problems as well as stop new problems before they have a chance to take root. If ants, termites or other pests are an annual problem, this is the plan for you.

Pest Plans – Commercial

At Dynamic, we know that a pest infestation can mean considerable problems for your business, in the present and the future. That’s why we offer a broad and extensive range of pest control solutions designed specifically for your business’s unique needs. Whether you need consistent monitoring or just periodic check-ins, we’re prepared to customize a plan for all types of businesses, including:

  • Restaurants & food services
  • Supermarkets, grocery stores, & other retail locations
  • Hotels, motels, apartments, & condominiums
  • Office space & professional buildings
  • Warehouses & industrial facilities
  • Schools, daycare & childcare facilities
  • Medical, dental & other health-related buildings




If you discover termites after they’ve already infested your home or workplace, it may already be too late. With our cutting edge termite baiting system, we can find and eliminate termites before you even realize they’re there. By guarding the perimeter of your home or place of business, we can detect termite activity long before it begins to do costly damage to your property. Even better, we can then pinpoint the origin of the termites and begin a treatment program designed to eliminate them once and for all.


Unwelcome visitors like mice, rats and other rodents can ruin your quality of life, make your workplace unsanitary, and drive away your customers. That’s bad for your life and bad for business. Thankfully, our rodent-control experts can help you nip the problem in the bud. For further peace of mind, ask us about mouse-proofing your home or office to stop problems from reoccurring or even to stop them before they begin.


Don’t trust over-the-counter remedies to this growing blight. Modern bedbugs are resistant to yesterday’s solutions. It takes a professional pest control company with access to trained technicians and the latest technology to eradicate this insidious pest. From heat and chemical treatments to certified detection by our pal Giada, a certified Bedbug Detection Dog by Hanlon’s K9, we’ve got your bedbug problem covered.

Other Pests

Unfortunately, there are many more critters out there that can blight your quality of life and can leave an unfavorable impression on your business beyond just termites and ants. The good news is, the qualified technicians at Dynamic Pest Control can help. In addition to the above, we can also treat for:


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