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Tips for Pest Prevention and Control

There are a lot of misunderstood people out there when it comes to pest prevention and how the professionals combat your pests. Dynamic Pest Control wants to talk about four basic ideas that can help every home and business owner battle their pests and to clarify how the pest prevention and control service can be a benefit.

Pest Control Teamwork

Most people assume they call a pest control company to come out and spray, lay traps and baits around their business or home and all their pest control needs are taken care of. This isn’t the case. Yes the sprays, traps and baits are part of pest control process. But it also takes a quite a bit of teamwork. For those who leave their homes, yards, and businesses un-kept and un-cleaned, you are erasing much of the hard work your pest guy just did. Clutter invites many pests like cockroaches, rodents, and ants into your home. The clutter is a good place for them to hide and avoid much of the pest control measures that were just taken. Keeping the outside free of clutter and yard debris is step one. Step two is keeping the inside clean and as clutter free as possible. This will greatly reduce pest populations. Another offender is the trash disposal site. This too is a haven for most pests. They increase their numbers and will begin to invade inside your home or business. Keep trash sites cleaned and all trash sealed.

Routine Pest Control Catches Pest Infestations Early

Yes keeping yards, homes, and business buildings clean will greatly reduce pest population. Yet it isn’t the only method of pest prevention. Many pests will flee into buildings regardless of its condition, for safety from weather and other changes in the elements. There are many pests such as bed bugs that will still enter the cleanest of homes and buildings in search of safety. That is why you must also have a pest control program beyond cleanliness.

Long Term Pest Management

There are many kinds of pests that take time and patience to fully remove, such as rodents and other colony based infestations. Cockroaches and ants can also take time to eliminate completely. Many feel that they call the pest service company out once and their problems are solved. This isn’t true. It can take months to fully remove a major infestation from the property. Again this takes teamwork from both parties to achieve.

Custom Pest Control Solutions

There isn’t a single method that magically removes all pests. It is important to know what your pest problem is and each has its own method of control. If you are not sure of your exact pest problem or suffer from multiple pests, you will want to have a pest inspection. We can determine your pest issues and how to properly manage the problem. Dynamic Pest Control wants to rectify the common misconception of pest control programs. We hope to help you understand how a pest control program can better your fight against pest invasions. With proper teamwork and regular pest management programs, you too can be pest free all year long!


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