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Types of Physical Damage Rodents Cause in New Jersey

If you are looking around your home and notice the damage rodents cause, you need to get them exterminated as soon as possible before it gets worse. Most people know some of the signs that mice or rats are in the house such as chewed through boxes and packages of food. You may also hear them scurrying through the walls as they look around for food and nesting materials. House mice and rats are also known to cause more problems that just structural damage such as spreading bacteria and disease. They are not clean and will defecate and urinate anywhere they are and then run across your counters and floors. This will end up causing the nasty bacteria to spread across your home that you can easily come in contact with. Since they are covered in fur they can shed and that can then lead to allergies to flare up. Many of these problems are known about rodents such as mice and rats but the actual damage that they can cause to your home or office is one of the most serious problems.

Physical Damage Rodents Cause in Your Home or Office

Why Do Mice Chew Electrical Wires?: One of the worst areas that rodents cause damage is when they chew through the wires of any electrical items in your home. The biggest problem with wiring is that the majority of the wiring in any home is behind the walls. This is exactly where rodents tend to hide and nest so the wires are a great item for them to chew through. They tend to chew through anything in their path and the wires just so happen to be there. The issue is that the wires are there for a reason and they each are sending electricity through them to send power to a device, outlet or switch. When you go to turn something on and the outlet will not work it could be due to a loose or damaged wire. Another major problem when talking about damaged wire is that they are “hot” which means that electricity is surging through them. When they are left exposed they could leave your home susceptible to a potential house fire. This is a major reason that you need to have a rodent problem dealt with right away.
Rodent Proof Insulation: The walls not only have electrical wires running throughout but they also are full of insulation. The insulation is there to help regulate the home and the temperature that is set on the thermostat. When there are gaps and space in the insulation you could be losing some of the energy that you are using to heat and cool the home.
Rodent Damage to Furniture, Books & Personal Belongings: A rodent such as a mouse or a rat is not going to stay in the walls to get what they want. They will oftentimes venture out into the home and get into the stuffing of a piece of furniture or chew through a book or your favorite sweater! No one wants to have their belongings ruined that they spend their hard earned money on. Be sure that if you suspect rodents in your home you give a professional pest control company a call right away.

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