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Bed Bug Extermination in Brick, NJ

Do You Need a Bed Bug Exterminator?

In the last few years, infestations of bed bugs have become more and more common.. These critters are once associated with dilapidated homes and overcrowding, but this is no longer the case. Bed bugs can be found in the cleanest of homes like fine hotels and even luxury apartment buildings. If you are worried that you may need a bed bug exterminator in Brick, NJ; we’ll help you decide whether that is the case and the next steps.

What Exterminators Can Do for You

The first thing an exterminator is going to do is look around your property to determine where insects might be hiding. They will also determine how severe the infestation is. By doing this, it allows the expert to conclude what treatment is best for your situation. Exterminators have a variety of tools to help them with this task. If the location is an apartment or hotel, nearby rooms can also have an infestation and will need to be inspected.

Understanding Integrated Pest Management

In many cases, your bed bug exterminator in Brick, NJ, will provide an integrated pest management solution. This means that various treatments, such as freezing, steam heat, and pesticides, may be used and applied carefully to remove the bed bugs. This type of program may also involve managing pests by sealing crevices they may hide. Professionals can also provide you with information about understanding what you can do to avoid an infestation in the future.

Why Not Do-It-Yourself

While there are many DIY methods to treat bed bugs, these are often not tested for effectiveness and may or may not help. A professional will only use products that are tested, researched, and approved for use to control bugs. This person will also have the needed training to apply these products properly and safely to control an infestation.

Choosing an Exterminator

Selecting a professional and experienced exterminator is important to ensure safe and modern technology is used to treat your infestation of bed bugs. If toxic chemicals are needed, you may be asked to leave the house during the application and for a certain amount of time afterward.

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