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If you have not had an inspection or service by a pest control company in the last few years, you may have a very outdated idea of what pest control companies do for their clients. In the past, pest control often focused on a home’s interior and consisted of regular treatments of pesticides or poison bait traps to aid in pest prevention. However, as industry knowledge evolved, it became clear that effective interior pest control really needed to start with exterminating and eliminating exterior pests. Dynamic Pest Control is a full-service, comprehensive pest control agency that can handle interior pest control and exclusion, but, more importantly, can perform the exterior pest control that helps prevent interior pest infestations in the first place.

Exterior pest control is focused on making your yard and outbuildings unappealing places for rodents, insects, and other pests to live. The first step is looking around your yard to determine what about your yard pests may find appealing. Certain plants are known to attract different types of pests, so we may suggest trimming, removing, or transplanting them to help reduce your pest risk. Rats, mice, and other invasive animals are attracted to fruit trees and gardens, so we can cover steps you can take to enjoy your fresh produce without attracting pests. Excessive moisture, woodpiles, leave piles, and even dirty garbage cans can create breeding and feeding grounds for pests, so we will make suggestions on how you can make changes to discourage pests.

Of course, exterior pest control also includes extermination. The type of extermination depends on the types of pests that are problematic in your yard. A broad-spectrum insecticide targets the most types of insects and should help if you have problems with fleas, ticks, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, and other common insect pests. However, if you have flying insect issues, particularly mosquitoes, then you need pest control that targets insects above-the-ground. If exterior termites are an issue, there are termite-specific baits that can be used to target them and kill them. If rodents are an issue, there are a variety of different extermination methods to choose, as well as trap-and-release options for larger pests like raccoons.

At Dynamic Pest Control, we take pride in knowing that when people call us about pest problems, we know exactly how to help them. We will make sure that the exterior of your home is well protected from pests so that they do not cause any structural damage. Just give us a call to avail our exterior pest control service around the areas of Brick, Lakewood and Toms River NJ!

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