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Mice Extermination New Jersey

Mice Extermination In New Jersey

Mice Extermination Service in Brick, Lakewood & Toms River NJ

As rodent’s teeth never stop growing, mice chew non-stop. If they are in your home or business, mice will chew through wires, drywall, flooring and pipes to name a few. Worse than the physical damage they cause, mice and rodents are filthy vermin. As they forage for food, they dribble urine and feces which contaminates food supplies and preparation areas. The house mouse is the most common indoor rodent. They can live in outdoor burrows but would rather live inside your Jersey Shore home or business where food, water and shelter are readily available. It is a disturbing thought but house mice are happy to stay within 10 feet of their nest when these requirements are met. House mice also carry lice, mites and ticks that can transmit harmful pathogens like salmonella that cause food poisoning. Other mice are also found in but not limited to areas like Brick, Lakewood and Toms River New Jersey including deer mice and white-footed mice who both carry Lyme disease transmitting deer ticks and have been known to spread Hantavirus.

Do You Have Some Uninvited Guests in Your Home?

Have you discovered evidence of a mouse infestation in your home? Are you tired of cleaning up droppings or hearing them scratching around in your walls? As the seasons change, these uninvited guests can begin to run rampant, and no amount of cleaning and tidying seems to get rid of them. Rather than fight an endless battle with these furry pests, let Dynamic Pest Control provide you with thorough mice extermination services that will help you get rid of mice once and for all.

Exceptional Mice Extermination Services in Brick, Lakewood and Toms River, NJ

As a family owned and operated business located in the heart of New Jersey, we understand the effect that rodents can have on the comfort of your family. With extensive experience in a range of extermination services, we provide you with rodent control solutions that will ensure long lasting results We support homes across Brick, Lakewood and Toms River, New Jersey, and understand the unique challenges that this region can bring for mouse control. We work hard to develop a strategy that incorporates your long term mice control goals to deliver complete customer satisfaction every time.

Thorough Mouse and Rat Extermination Services in New Jersey

Knowing that you have a mouse in your home can cause a panic, but with quick attention, you can head this issue off before it becomes a real problem. At Dynamic Pest Control, we are passionate about providing families with extensive mouse and rat extermination services that prevent the risk of disease transmission from these unwanted critters, as well as provide you with the most informative education on maintaining a rodent-free home moving forward.

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If you are a resident of Lakewood, Brick or Toms River in New Jersey, and are noticing the evidence of a rodent infestation in your home, Dynamic Pest Control can provide you with the complete mice extermination solution. We offer a FREE quote to get you started, so give us a call at (732) 399-5100 today.

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