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Mice Extermination New Jersey

Mice Extermination

Mice Extermination Service in Brick, Lakewood & Toms River NJ

As rodent’s teeth never stop growing, mice chew non-stop. If they are in your home or business, mice will chew through wires, drywall, flooring and pipes to name a few. Worse than the physical damage they cause, mice and rodents are filthy vermin. As they forage for food, they dribble urine and feces which contaminates food supplies and preparation areas. The house mouse is the most common indoor rodent. They can live in outdoor burrows but would rather live inside your Jersey Shore home or business where food, water and shelter are readily available. It is a disturbing thought but house mice are happy to stay within 10 feet of their nest when these requirements are met. House mice also carry lice, mites and ticks that can transmit harmful pathogens like salmonella that cause food poisoning. Other mice are also found in but not limited to areas like Brick, Lakewood and Toms River New Jersey including deer mice and white-footed mice who both carry Lyme disease transmitting deer ticks and have been known to spread Hantavirus. Dynamic Pest Control can control mice infestations currently in your residence by locating and removing mice and their nesting areas. We can also help to prevent mice from returning in the future. Call us today to get rid of them through our mice extermination service!

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