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Wildlife Control Service in New Jersey

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Control Service in New Jersey

Due to the danger of bites and disease, it’s advised that you never attempt to address a wildlife problem on your own. Instead, rely on the trained professionals at Dynamic Pest Control. Using our wildlife control’s safe, humane methods, we can control and remove a wide range of unwanted visitors, including:


Rodent Control NJThe last thing you want in your home or place of business are rodents. Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover rodent damage, and those little critters can cause a LOT of damage. Not only can they chew at your walls and insulation – not to mention their feces making your home or place of business unsanitary – they are also one of the leading causes of fires in the U.S. That’s right, rodents chewing on wires cause up to 30,000 structural fires each year!

At Dynamic, our rodent control services include a comprehensive inspection designed to identify entry points, followed by a trapping program to get those rodents out of your domain. Once the problem has been eliminated, we ensure the problem won’t reoccur by rodent-proofing your structure. You can’t cover up their holes with just anything. Special rodent-proof material must be used. Finally, once your home or place of business is secure, our comprehensive cleaning and disinfectant service will remove droppings, eliminate odors, and protect your family or employees and customers from disease.


Common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) in a zoo Wildlife ControlThough these fascinating creatures are often a blessing to have in the neighborhood – they eat up to their weight in insects every night, which means fewer pests out there to bug you – they can also pose serious health risks for human beings. In addition to having an extremely high risk of rabies, bat droppings are a major problem. They not only stink and can rot away wood and insulation, it’s also a source of histoplasmosis, a disease which can be developed simply by inhaling the air in a building tainted with bat droppings. Couple this with bats’ propensity to spread fleas, ticks, lice and mites wherever they go, and bat problems can become BIG problems.
Dynamic’s bat control system includes safe removal of your new friends, followed by a comprehensive bat-proofing system designed to ensure these flying rodents do not return. In addition, we can perform guano removal, as well as insulation removal and replacement, depending on the extent of your problem.


Chipmunks Control NJWe love to look at chipmunks as much as you do – we all grew up watching the same cartoons – but in large numbers, chipmunks can be a issue, especially for those who have invested a lot of time and money in their landscaping and garden. Chipmunks burrow, too, which means they can do damage to patios, stairs, foundations and more. And when the chipmunks leave, be ready for larger animals like skunks to take up residence in their former borrows.

We offer simple, safe and humane chipmunk trapping that will eliminate your existing problem, and once complete, a program to help seal up their burrows to prevent intrusion by other critters.


Wildlife Control Squirrel sitting on the roof

Squirrels in the attic do more than keep you up at night with their scurrying around. Like mice and other rodents, squirrels like to gnaw on things – and they do it fast. They can damage insulation and wires, leading to a risk of fire, and can chew holes in your roofing and under your eaves that can lead to water damage from rain and other precipitation. That can lead to mold, and mold issues are costly. Worst of all, because most of this damage takes place in your attic, it may not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. And with two litters of young per year, a squirrel problem that starts small won’t stay small for long.

But we know how to deal with squirrels.. Dynamic Pest Control’s trapping system includes an array of bait and traps. After humane removal and relocation, we can offer protection against further squirrel intrusions, as well as odor and nesting removal. The result is a home or place of business that is brought back to normal, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re unlikely to experience the problem again.

Groundhogs & Woodchucks

Wildlife Control Groundhog sitting on porch

Whether you call them woodchucks, groundhogs, or whistling pigs, one thing is clear: they can wreak havoc on your property. Living in underground dens that put you at risk of a broken ankle, these furry brown relatives of the squirrel are known for the large amount of damage they can do to gardens, crops, and structures. Because their burrows are extensive and feature multiple entry and exit points, groundhog dens can end up damaging or causing instability in fencing, decks, foundations, and more. Their holes can also injure pets and wildlife. Plus, cornered groundhogs have been known to be aggressive!

The only way to guarantee groundhog removal is to trap and relocate them. Over-the-counter repellants are a temporary solution at best, which is why our humane trapping program is the only long-term solution you can trust. Once removed, we’ll ensure their dens are empty – you don’t want other pests, such as skunks, moving in – and then you can begin the process of filling the holes and reclaiming your property.


SkunkSkunks may be cute when you’re watching them on TV, but no one wants a skunk nesting on their property. Skunks are known to move into abandoned chipmunk and groundhog burrows. They’re also known for spraying their next-to-impossible to remove stink when people draw too near. Even if they don’t spray, their sulfurous essence can stink up an area and leave you wondering if you have a gas leak. Just as bad, skunks are prone to disease, and when they die in their burrow the smell can last for months.

Dynamic’s multi-part skunk control program is designed to deal with both aspects of a skunk problem: the animal as well as the stink. In addition to safe, humane removal of your local Pepe Le Pew, we offer professional skunk odor removal services that actually work. We also do removal of dead skunks, along with a full odor removal plan. Because skunk carcasses are often deep in their burrow this process can be labor-intensive, but you’ll be glad to be rid of the smell!


Raccoons may be adorable and intelligent, but that intelligence is what makes them such an insidious problem. These surprisingly bright creatures can get into almost any space imaginable. Once in your home or place of business, their parasite-ridden feces can pose a major health risk to your family, employees and customers. Roundworms are one of the primary problems spread by raccoons. Their eggs can lay dormant for years, infecting family pets and even family members. Raccoons are also highly destructive. They can chew through boards and shingles, rip up siding, get into garbage cans and sheds, get into HVAC systems, and much more. Cute – but real terrors!

Thankfully, Dynamic Pest Control has a lot of experience with raccoons. With an array of raccoon baits, traps and exclusion devices, we can ensure that these little bandits are not only removed, but that they’re prevented from returning. That’s important, because most homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover attic damage. Once removed, your property will first be “raccoon-proofed” to ensure they do not return. After that, we offer insulation installation to replace what the raccoons damaged, as well as expertise in sealing up their entry points. The important thing is to act fast. Once raccoon damage begins, it spirals out of control quickly.


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